This collection is inspired by today’s 2023 woman. To us the today woman has to handle herself with a real fearlessness. We see her as fiercely super hero, liberated person, this new woman has a power, to overcome everyday’s battle out there.
Their actions were going about their business dealing with feeling everyday messy but looking great. They are “occupied” from morning till evening dealing with their multiple roles at the society as a woman, as a wife, as a lover, as a mother, as a friend, as sister, as a professionist, as human being…
The collection is based on a city dressing , sophisticated, empowered, but a bit edgy.
Full wardrobe for work, something more elevated but also fun. Where balance between minimal tailoring and party attire coexist. It tends more to timeless than trendy, a tomboysh cool and streetwize cunning.

This season we appeal for a “versatile wardrobe” that emphasizes “urban elegance”
toying between high-octane glamour and more approachable ideas. Something diva, glam and also something sharp. Sitting somewhere in the middle… stronger pieces but always romantic at heart…